oyster internet satellite system for motorhomesThe Oyster Internet satellite system fuses both TV reception and satellite Internet reception for Motorhomes and Caravans in one single satellite system. At the push of the button, via remote, the Oyster Internet system automatically starts searching for the desired satellite – the system its self will lock onto either a TV satellite or a satellite with Internet connectivity such as Astra 3 or Hellas Sat.

The Oyster Internet Satellite System offers European wide coverage. This will vary dependent on your chosen ISP. This allows you to make calls using inexpensive VOIP services, chat, surf the Internet and send & receive emails (and plenty more).

The Oyster Internet Satellite System features Two-Way connectivity, so no separate return channel required as the system can handle this via satellite.

Oyster Internet Satellite System Specifications:

  • Fully automatic search.
  • 2-Way Interactive LNB.
  • Autoskew.
  • Large 85cm Dish.
  • Satellite Mouse – to hide your receiver.
  • Automatic retraction at vehicle start.
  • Water repellent design.
  • Height: 23cm.
  • Weight: 17KG (Approx).
  • Made in Germany.
  • 3 Year Warranty.

The Oyster Internet system comes with a 5 day internet access package enabled, this allows the fitter to demonstrate it working and for you to have breathing space in order to decide which internet access package you would like

The Oyster Internet system offers practical European Wide internet access with IPcopter, once your system has been installed you can choose which ever internet connection package you would like IpCopter. More info on http://www.ipcopter.com/en/s_c202i/Kick_off_Packs/www.ipcopter.com/en/s_c202i/Kick_off_Packs/.

Included with the Oyster Internet Satellite System is the controller receiver all in one unit which features a CI card slot system that can accommodate 2 CI Cards for encrypted broadcasting (module and card not included).

Read More information / Buy the Oyster Internet Motorhome Satellite system Here

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